What's your origin story?

As we look to re-engage our teams to face new challenges in ways that will require more flexibility and adaptability than many teams have needed to show before, it's as important as ever to be clear on the compelling purpose that unites the team around a meaningful, shared goal.

One way to re-energise engagement with purpose is to revisit your founding stories, or origin stories. They often have within them

- the problem we were looking to solve

- the people we were looking to serve

- the beliefs or mental models that suggested why we took this road to meet those needs, rather than another

Once we've re-engaged with the founding purpose, we may realise that that there's been some 'mission drift' - that the purpose we set out with has evolved or changed over time as key influencers within the team have changed, or the market conditions have changed, or the very needs of the world have changed. This might be no bad thing, but if it's been unconscious or unintentional, the disconnect between what 'we think we're here for' and what we're actually doing day to day, may cause cognitive disonnance that undermines the sense of unity and clarity that comes from pulling with passion in the same direction.

As you work to live your collective purpose, I wonder if you can see how the founding purpose may still be vitally important, but also may have evolved?

And how a galvanising, compelling purpose for tomorrow might be emerging through the shift of this very moment?

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