're-launching' after lockdown

As businesses plan for welcoming teams back into physical spaces post lockdown, as well as the issues of safety and social distancing there are also familiar considerations to be mindful of, too, such as resilience, motivation, adapting to change, and creating meaningful connection with colleagues and clients in the new and unfamiliar context. In these times the features of a good team launch (or re-launch) apply all the more: ​

​- Finding again a shared and compelling purpose that gives meaning and motivation; - Agreeing team behaviours that nurture collaboration and account for the heightened sensitivity we’re likely to find both in our teams but also as we travel and with our clients and everyone else we come into contact with. - We’ll need to ‘re-clarify’ our roles and responsibilities, which will probably need to continue to flex and adapt in the evolving situation - accounting for preference diversity and the fact that some of us will find the constant changes more demanding than others.

- And finally, where do we need to focus our effort RIGHT NOW? The ‘critical few’ challenges and opportunities are likely change by the day, requiring lots of communication and clear lines of authority and decision making to enable rapid responses to people and situations. If you’re a leader thinking through these challenging questions, please get in touch for a pro-bono leadership coaching session.

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