What's your conflict style?

We need the self-awareness to know where we go to by nature, so that when we find ourselves in a conflict we can think about how we want to behave.

Conflict Triangle

Recognising that we respond differently - no one way better or worse than another - points us in our direction for growth: for those who accommodate (prioritising the other person's needs over her own) the path to growth is to give equal value to our own needs and make sure that these are also respected; for the those who compete (prioritising their own needs over and above the other person's with the mindset that there can only be one winner and therefore a loser) the path to growth is to give equal value to the other's needs and make sure that they are also respected; and those who avoid need the courage to stay in the discomfort of conflict.

So how do you need to modify your #StyleUnderStress?

What is your path to growth?

What comes easily, and what comes hard?

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