Monitoring Progress

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Coaching is an opportunity to engage, invite and integrate the 'whole self' - in this sense it is 'holistic', or what the therapeutic world sometimes calls 'Gestalt', meaning 'whole'.


A helpful lens for seeing this through is that of 'ecosystems' - just like the finely balanced interconnectedness of nature, we are micro-ecosystems that exist within wider, macro ecosystems.  For example, in our bodies we host trillions of bacteria in a symbiotic relationship where neither of us could survive alone.  Beyond the world beneath our skin, we exist in familial and wider societal ecosystems, and beyond that, global geo-political ecosystems.  And if we zoom out as far as we can we remember that we all live interdependently within the fragile ecosystem of planet earth.


Inspired by these insights, I've come to use a series of questions based on the 7 signs of life that all living things share to help us consider what we need from coaching, and what those we coach need to find access to in some way: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion, and nutrition.

How has coaching / how does coaching need to:

  1. Help the client make progress? (Movement)

  2. Help the client energise and perform? (Respiration)

  3. Improve how the client adapts to their context? (Sensitivity)

  4. Help the client develop their potential? (Growth)

  5. Help the client develop the potential in others? (Reproduction)

  6. Help the client let go of what isn’t serving them well? (Excretion)

  7. Help the client access the resources they need to move forward? (Nutrition)

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