—  Social Entrepreneur

"The most significant thing to come out of our team coaching is consolidating the thoughts of a varied team into a cohesive plan away from the distractions of the desk... Will brought the best out of the team by carefully guiding us through a process which led to outcomes that were insightful and manageable. We left feeling energised and excited about implementing everything we had learned..."

"Will is the deepest listener I’ve ever worked with. What he hears and sees he reflects back in a way that has allowed me to get clarity in the most intractable situations, then stoke the fire inside emboldening me to step forward with a spring in my step and a vivid vision.

I’m grateful for the times I spend with Will because he holds a safe place to dream and has the authority to steer me to an exciting plan."

 Life Style Brand

"Deciding to seek help from Will was the most productive decision I’ve made this year. At a point when things looked murky and confusing, Will very quickly showed me a way forward, he reminded me of my reasons for wanting to work for myself and highlighted the areas where my natural talents were most suited. Will’s perceptive advice has literally turned my business around in a matter of weeks, very highly recommended."

—  Deputy Headteacher

"Coaching has been very helpful quite quickly... having more conscious awareness has helped me be more: intentional... proactive... and take more  responsibility for what matters to me the most."

—  Graphic Designer

"Will has been a great encourager and a great listener!


He has helped draw out practical, tangible actions as the result of our sessions to help me accomplish my main goal step by step. But more than that he has helped me focus on 'the why' and motivation behind my actions and decisions, changing my perspective on how I solve problems with hope and possitivity, as I move towards my goals.


Now I'm looking forward to applying what I've learnt to all areas of life."

— Senior Manager,

Barristers' Chambers

"I admit that I was somewhat skeptical to the likely effectiveness of coaching, but 5 minutes into my first session with Will I was hooked. I found the sessions thought-provoking, challenging, exciting and, ultimately, empowering. Will was an excellent guide – encouraging me to consider various aspects of my life from a different perspective, reflecting back things we had discussed throughout all of our sessions together.


Will clearly has a great passion for what he does and a style and personality that draws you in to the sessions so you get maximum benefit. I would (and have) recommended Will to anyone who wants to look at any part of their lives in an attempt to see the path ahead more clearly.”

—  Film Maker

"I really, really appreciated our sessions... they gave me a completely new lease of life and enthusiasm...  You were brilliant at helping me to see the project in a new way. It felt as though you knew just what questions to ask!"