My vision is to see every team and leader contribute their creative best for the sustainable flourishing of themselves, the whole human system, and the planet.

I passionatly believe that coaching is the most effective way to unlock growth and boost impact for leaders and organisations.


My 'sweetspot' is partnersing with leaders and teams with a courageous vision, who know they need help making the most of their energy and collective intelligence through engagement with compelling purpose and the continuous improvement that comes from full particiption in a learning culture.

I describe my coaching as both systemic and person centred, and informed by TA theory and Gestalt practice.


Put more simply, this means that I'm passionate about human potential, and creativing social environments of safety and trust; that we need to continually 'update' our thinking so that we don't get stuck in less effectivel ways of behaving; and that we all know more than we think we do, and we can tap into that knowing by reintegrating head, heart and body to inform our thinking and doing.

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