Team Coaching

"The most significant thing to come out of our team coaching is consolidating the thoughts of a varied team into a cohesive plan away from the distractions of the desk... Will brought the best out of the team by carefully guiding us through a process which led to outcomes that were insightful and manageable. We left feeling energised and excited about implementing everything we learned during the day."

- Team Coaching day, 2019

Executive Coaching

"Will is the deepest listener I’ve ever worked with. What he hears and sees he reflects back in a way that has allowed me to get clarity in the most intractable situations, then stoke the fire inside emboldening me to step forward with a spring in my step and a vivid vision."

- Social Entrepreneur
Performance Coaching

"I admit that I was somewhat skeptical to the likely effectiveness of coaching, but 5 minutes into my first session with Will I was hooked. I found the sessions thought-provoking, challenging, exciting and, ultimately, empowering...


Will clearly has a great passion for what he does and a style and personality that draws you in to the sessions so you get maximum benefit. I would (and have) recommended Will to anyone who wants to look at any part of their lives in an attempt to see the path ahead more clearly.”

- Senior Manager, Barristers' Chambers

The aim of team coaching is to maximise team participation, collaboration and learning to achieve the team task.


What it looks like:

A combination of whole team and 121 coaching sessions where we:

- identify and harness team strengths

- facilitate dialogue and healthy communication

- clarify purpose and priorities

- grow awareness of internal and external context and conditions for success

- help plan the most strategic way forward

- build team capability and embed coaching for continued learning

The aim of executive coaching is to provide a confidential, challenging and committed partnership to individuals whose self-awareness and effectiveness has far ranging impact on team outcomes. We do this by working on the 4 A's of

- self awareness

- autonomy

- authenticity

- accountability for action


As an experienced executive coach, I draw on hundreds of coaching hours to forge creative thinking partnerships to achieve breakthrough in the interconnected spheres of your life and role.

The aim of performance coaching is to help individuals 'up their game' in areas that they recognise are vital to achieve business results.

Performance coaching offers the most effective support and challenge to individuals or teams who need new learning to succeed. For example:

- in transtition to new role responsibilities, such as management

- team members looking to learn delegation or hold more autonomy

- leadership teams needing to embed culture change through wider team

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