Our Values.

Will James



Our Core Values:

  1. A passionate  belief in individual and team potential 

  2. The importance of continuous learning

  3. That coaching is the most effective process for lasting growth

  4. The priority of nurturing high trust as a necessary condition for creative collaboration

  5. That interdependent partnership is the access portal to greater wisdom, experience, skills and resources

In our Team, Executive and Performance Coaching we:

  1. grow individual and team awareness, giving rise to new options, responses, choices, behaviours and ways of thinking.

  2. develop autonomy in more intentional decision-making and taking responsiblity for what's within the team or individual's control

  3. cultivate authenticity, bringing alignment and integrity to your values, beliefs and behaviour

  4. agree accountability for action, with every conversation culminating in a commitment

My 8 years of coaching experience is informed by work with executive teams from the commercial and charity sector; by a Post Graduate Diploma in coaching at the Oxford Brookes business school, and certified training in pscyhodynamic group dynamics.  I also spent 6 years as a secondary school teacher, was the director of a charity working to enhance opportunities of inner city communities, and have done aid work around the world.  My coaching draws on practice from Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Theory-U, Dialogue, Change Management and Leadership.

Please get in touch for a free taster session to see if coaching might be the key to help you unlock more of of your vision.

Will James

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